Apple is known for its dedication to the unique and creative side of computing, so it is no wonder that its computers attract artistic and expressive individuals. The only problem to this is that it seems like every MacBook looks exactly the same: sleek, silver and a little boring. If you want to spice up your MacBook’s appearance and make it uniquely your own, our Atlanta phone repair experts have a few tips.

Get a Case

Before you start to decorate your MacBook, our Atlanta Mac repair gurus recommend that you start by purchasing a case that you can decorate instead of your computer itself. It may feel like you will always want your computer to look the way you are planning to decorate it, but your personal tastes may change over the course of owning the computer. You also do not want to destroy your Mac’s resale value by adding anything permanent — or worse, destroy your Mac itself by accidentally getting crafting materials into the wrong port.

Cases are easy to find in all kinds of styles and colors. Come in to our Atlanta phone repair shop to buy one or shop around online to find the perfect one for you.

Think Up Ideas

Once you have your case, the sky is the limit for how you choose to decorate it. We encourage you to look at other case decoration ideas on Pinterest or Google Images to find looks that appeal to you.

Our Atlanta iPad repair technicians have seen all kinds of case decorations. Some people choose to draw on their cases with sharpies or paint. Others like to use stickers or photos. The most creative designs we’ve seen actually involve adding paper, fabric, glitter, sequins, ribbons or even rhinestones. As long as it isn’t too bulky, you can add just about anything to your custom-designed case.

Decorate Your Case

If you plan to draw directly on the case with permanent marker, just clean and dry the case and go to town. If you plan on painting or adding items to the case, you should get some high grit sandpaper (500 is a good grit, but you could go as low as 220) and scuff the case a bit, clean it and dry it before you continue. Scuffing the case helps anything you add to stick to it.

Paint it how you like, then use Mod Podge to attach anything you like to the case. Cover over the finished design with several layers of clear varnish or more Mod Podge to make it smooth and keep your design in place.

Our Atlanta Mac repair techs remind you to be sure anything you add to your case will not damage the material.