Unless you’re a computer genius, you need in-home tech support. Even if you are one, you can still run into things that stump you about your computer. In fact, they build most computers to confuse the best of us. The New York Times recently wrote a piece on how computer companies create these problems on purpose. Their goal is to sell you a new computer every few years. Nobody can say, but to prevent getting played by the big tech companies, here’s how and why you should get the technical support to keep your computer running for years to come.

SOS Help

Imagine finishing a document. You then notice that instead of saving to your folder on your desktop. Instead, it saved to something you’ve never heard of. You look at your desktop and see the folder, then see it disappear. It’s pretty safe to assume that your fear level will shoot up. That’s an SOS moment. You need a good technical support in-home company to help you secure your computer. Taking proactive steps to avoid disasters or computer failure is how you take your power back. You save money, too. There are several things that a good one can do for you in your home. Most of these prevent the SOS call.

  • Set up printing connections
  • Create smart hubs
  • Extend your Wi-Fi
  • Set up your home network
  • Repair and secure your computers, cell phones, and devices
  • Help with data transfer
  • Fix drones, and other devices

New Installations

When you buy a new device or computer, call a reliable home service company to secure your system. Have them check your Wi-Fi set up and home network. Discuss the efficiency of your internet, and see if you can prevent those disasters from happening. Have them check the things above. Be proactive. you can get computer parts replaced when they fail. In-home tech companies can even install a new hard drive so you have a “new” computer without paying a fortune. Avoid the control of big tech companies by getting computer repair done instead.

That’s why you need to protect yourself from computer disasters. Take action before so the next time you save something to a file, it goes where you want it to go. Protect against the big tech companies from destroying your computer prematurely. Save money by maintaining your system to avoid the SOS moments by using a HOME OFFICE TECH SUPPORT DONE RIGHT. LEARN MORE.