Tablets keep getting smaller and smaller. After a few years of redesigns, the newest models sport screen sizes comparable to a smartphone “phablet.” The mobility factor has been reigning supreme as of late, as is evidenced by more and more lightweight devices that are intended to be ultra-portable.

 Slim and Powerful: The New Tablet Era

Apple’s iPad mini is a far cry away from its predecessor in terms of screen size, but what it has trimmed in dimensions, it has made up for in crystal-clear HD pixels. This and other top tablets sold by retailers like Amazon and Google are taking the visual world by storm, each featuring unparalleled technology displays.

Gizmodo recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the top three small tablets on the market, comparing numerous factors such as screen reflection, colors and intensities, brightness and contrast, and display power consumption (among many others). If you are in the market for a slim tablet and have a strong interest in top-notch visuals, consider checking out one of these brands:

  • Kindle Fire HDX 7 – First up is Amazon’s third generation LCD, which features a stunning display. What makes it so special? Well, it is the first of its kind to utilize high-tech quantum dots that mimic OLED screen colors. In addition to producing vivid images that max out color gamut, the HDX 7 is also incredibly energy efficient.
  • Google Nexus 7 – This Asus-built tablet uses low-temperature poly silicon LTPS, the same screen technology that Apple uses in the iPhone 4 and 5. It is currently the second-largest mobile display to have it and has the brightest display by far of any tablet out there.
  • iPad Mini with retina display – After its first generation mini tablet received poor reviews (due largely to a low resolution PPI display), Apple knew it had to step up the game. However, though it has a high PPI that is much better than the first-gen, its color gamut is quite low at 63 percent.

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