Technology is no longer a privilege of the elite, but rather an essential for the masses. With each passing year, smartphones, tablet computers, and other gadgets become more affordable and more advanced. Concepts that once existed only in sci-fi movies and James Bond flicks are now mass produced and even more versatile than their on-screen counterparts.

One of most recent innovations in the tech world is the smart watch. Although smart watches have been around for a few years now, the newly released Apple Watch, due out in April, is perhaps the most stunning and advanced iteration to be introduced to the market. Here are just a few of the reasons you probably won’t be able to live without it.

Terrific Texting

The new Apple Watch has integrated texting capabilities that make communicating faster and more fluid than conventional texting. You get a subtle haptic notification when you receive a text, and simply raising your wrist will show you the content of the message and allow you to respond with preset responses or even dictate a reply.

While mobile dictation is not a novel concept, Apple’s iOS dictation has a number of unique advantages over others, including the ability to format text and recognize punctuation. It can even insert emoticons with phrases like ‘smiley face’ and ‘winky face’. This function alone can really simplify the texting process, as without it, inserting an emoticon or question mark involves accessing alternate keyboards that make the process more cumbersome.

Remote Camera Control & Apple TV Remote

What is bound to be one of the most popular aspects of the  Apple Watch is its ability to help users create the perfect photograph. The fact that it serves as a universal Apple remote isn’t terribly off-putting either. You can use the Apple Watch to remotely trigger your iPhone’s camera shutter, effectively bringing an end to camera timer apps that force users to hurry into the frame before the shutter snaps.

The Apple Watch also acts as a viewfinder, displaying on its face what is currently in the iPhone’s picture frame. This gives you the opportunity to make sure everyone is in place and smiling before you snap the shot – a feature that is certain to revolutionize mobile-photography. Additionally, you can use the Apple Watch to browse content on your Apple TV and control the iTunes library or radio on your Mac or PC.

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Image courtesy of: Creative Commons