The massive growth in cell phone popularity during the past decade created a dynamic new industry: cell phone repair services. Today, most people find themselves increasingly dependent upon functional digital communications systems (including mobile phones). We need these products to conduct business, remain in touch with friends and family, and perform a myriad of important daily activities.

As more households and businesses adopt mobile technologies, the buoyant marketplace for cell phone services heightens the demand for qualified repair personnel. LifeLine Repairs Franchising represents just one innovative response to a significant economic and lifestyle trend. This brief article provides key background information about the emerging cell phone repair industry. It offers a brief overview of the field.

Some Pertinent Trends

Ibis World Report recently compiled useful information about cell phone users in the United States. The report focused attention upon repair services for mobile phones. Perhaps not surprisingly, it indicates during the past five years alone, the public’s reliance upon both cell phones and tablets has risen significantly.

Two factors in particular helped shape the cell phone repair industry marketplace. First, during recent years, the competition to produce small, lighter, and sleeker mobile tech has also rendered some phones quite delicate. Even as these tools became more powerful in terms of their capabilities, the potential for sustaining accidental damage increased. Second, the advent of sophisticated phones offering Internet connectivity heightened the need for skilled repairers. While consumers might elect to simply replace an inexpensive broken cell phone, the higher prices of “smart” phones prompts many owners to actively search for qualified repair assistance. Consumers want to protect their investments in these valuable devices.

Current Statistics

What accounts for the rise of cell phone repair franchise opportunities in the USA? A booming marketplace apparently contributes to this phenomenon. Indeed, experts report during 2017 the repair industry for mobile phones generated more than $4 billion in revenues! It witnessed an impressive 5.5% growth. Currently some 8,459 new businesses have entered this field. These enterprises employ 22,372 repairers. If accurate, this data suggest some significant market expansion.

What do the enterprises engaging in this field do? Some evidence suggests they tend to emphasize specific types of cell phone repair services. For example, some companies concentrate upon repairing or replacing cell phone cameras, while others fix batteries, screens, or headphones. Considerable latitude exists for specialization within this industry.