Our LifeLine Repairs team in Jacksonville, FL, is always reading and staying current on all things technology. One of our favorite things to research is specs on new smartphones. A big one, literally, is the Galaxy Note 5. This phone comes with some amazing features and some serious screen space, but you may be wondering about the device’s performance. Read on to learn more about the performance of the Galaxy Note 5, which has been dubbed the “Crown Jewel” of smartphones.

Stand Out Performance of the Galaxy Note 5

Yes the Galaxy Note 5 is among the top 5 high-end mobile phones of 2015, rated for its exceptional loading speed, but the initial upload of a site is consistently a fraction of a second behind the initial loading speed of similar phones, such as the Galaxy S6. It should be noted, though, that our team notes that once people return to the same sites, the return upload speeds far exceeds Galaxy S6 speeds, no matter how many times you return to the site. Features like these are an added value to the 4GB upgrade, which help with extended speed and multitasking capabilities.

Checking on this year’s best-of-the-best in mobile phone technology, we rate the Samsung Note 5 as the most desirable in its class for:

  • Battery capabilities – recharges wirelessly, powers up more quickly, extend text and talk time with Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • 3,000mAh battery power life of 24 hours
  • Sharper, clearer photos
  • Sidesync for sharing docs & pictures
  • Communicates with laptop for answering texts & calls

How Can We Help?

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