If you love phones as much as we do, you probably have been tracking the Galaxy s6 Active’s release. If you’re curious about the specs for the newest member of the Galaxy family, we’ve done the researching for you and have condensed it into a guide for you here. Love all things technology? Make sure you follow our blog for the latest updates on tech releases, tips and more.

The Good Side of the Galaxy s6 Active

Bigger Battery

The Galaxy s6 Active comes with a fixed 3500mAh battery, a 37% improvement over its predecessor, the standard s6. With no particular feature added to it that would cause it to drain its battery faster, you are assured that s6 Active will have a substantially longer battery life.


The main difference between s6 Active and the standard s6 lies in the body casing. Galaxy s6 Active comes with a water- and dust-resistant case, which means that you won’t be much concerned about having to deal with regular breakages or liquid damages. However, this doesn’t mean that damages are inevitable and thus, like any other valuable gadget; you’ll still need to avoid exposing your s6 Active to such risks. Nevertheless, in case you experience any form of a mishap on your s6 Active, you can always contact us at LifeLine Repairs for your Samsung repair in Dunwoody.

The Bad

AT&T Exclusive

Let’s admit it, we all hate carrier exclusives. However, this doesn’t mean that some of these locked devices are any inferior to the rest. For example, in the case of Galaxy s6 Active, its superior features could easily surpass the disadvantage of having it locked to AT&T. Nonetheless, it still locks out numerous potential customers who would have benefited from this remarkable gadget.

Limited Memory

Unfortunately, Galaxy s6 Active comes with 32GB of phone storage with no room for an extension since it doesn’t have a micro-SD slot. This can be a huge impediment for users who would want more space. This is a new feature to the s6 and the s6 Active – the inability to remove the backplate of the phone.

In Summary

In general the Galaxy s6 Active is a really great phone, having borrowed most of its features from the excellent standard Galaxy s6. Save for the few shortcomings, it is otherwise a gadget worth consideration, especially for the outdoorsy and active users.

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