Apple has realized that they need to fix issues with their MacBook keyboards, and they’ve decided that the new MacBook Pro is where it’s going to happen. We’re taking an in-depth look at Apple’s latest version of the MacBook Pro, and this tidbit is just too tasty not to reveal. Apple changed the design and added a very thin barrier constructed of silicone around the butterfly switches to help protect them from failing due to dust exposure.

The added layer of protection is Apple’s method to keep microscopic particles of dust away from the keyboard that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It’s so revolutionary that they own a patent specific to the design. The patent states that its purpose is to prevent and/or alleviate contaminant ingress. The real tea comes with being able to know that the fix exists, but its use isn’t specified as a way to correct issues with reliability. Apple even went as far as issuing a statement specifying that the changes in the keyboard for the third generation were not made to fix issues that users had with excessive dust.

Apple isn’t going to be fooled into admitting that they messed up or it will give ammunition to the many individuals currently engaged in class-action lawsuits because they needed computer repair due to failing keyboards. They can’t admit fault if they want to fight the allegations against them because they deny that a problem existed in the first place. Their shift to a quieter keyboard with the added layer is the solution to fix the problem without admitting that they should’ve designed it better in the first place.

The fun doesn’t end here when it comes to examining Apple’s newest release to the laptop world. Keep your eyes open for more information and secrets that Apple doesn’t want you to know about just yet. It’s time to look at the other changes and features the company made as we explore what’s better, and where Apple falls short on the new design. There may be features that were a mistake not to include with this version of the Macbook. Don’t fall behind the tech world, and stay on top of features that make the third-generation design worth your time.