Today, many market analysts project vigorous growth for companies providing smart home automation services. Technology impacting this field continues to develop at an unprecedented rate. Perhaps no one should consider it surprising large segments of the general public still find this innovative subject a bit mysterious.

Three Benefits Provided by The IoT

Some experts point to three important benefits the Internet of Things (“IoT”) offers in the field of home automation:

1. Enhanced Security

Today, the IoT and home automation appeal to consumers desiring tighter security. The ability to implement access control and intrusion detection hold value in deterring some burglaries, for instance. Automating smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms ensures emergency services can still assist residents, even if they become incapable of dialing the telephone.

2. Convenience

Households in large numbers also welcome the convenience offered by “smart” home technology. As the IoT expands, consumers will enjoy more opportunities to obtain automated appliances and services. The marketplace for these new technologies appears poised to expand rapidly during the next decade.

3. Cost Savings

Additionally, the Internet of Things holds promise in assisting many consumers in their efforts to slash utility bills. Why spend money paying for heat and light when people leave the premises? Already, the technology exists to lower thermostat controls and turn off lamps in vacant rooms. Home automation will promote energy conservation.

A Robust Marketplace

How fast will home automation impact daily life in the near future? One possible clue lies in a recent study evaluating the prospects for this technology in India, one of the first nations in Asia to experience a significant increase in the use of robots in distribution services during recent years. Some industry analysts forecast the market for “smart” technology in the home in India alone will grow between 2020 and 2025 at the startlingly high compound annual growth rate of 21.6%.

Even if these predictions prove optimistic, clearly many businesses anticipate a surge in automation within the home by the end of the decade. This rapid change appears likely to impact millions of people around the world. The developing IoT continues to inspire many of these innovations. Do you feel ready for your household to join this exciting trend? SMART-HOME AUTOMATION & SECURITY DONE RIGHT. LEARN MORE!