As an exciting New Year commences, countless iPhone owners consult “bucket” lists containing personal resolutions. Many people choose to establish meaningful long-term goals for the coming weeks and months. Some folks resolve to lose pounds or consume healthier meals. Others seek to earn more income. Many plan exciting vacations. At LifeLine Your Tech Team, we’ve compiled a short list of tech-oriented resolutions designed to assist anyone with a smart phone.

Three Resolutions For iPhone Owners

Consider adopting one (or more) of these 2020 resolutions to help obtain the greatest possible value from your phone. Today, iPhone repair services enjoy popularity primarily because of the immense benefits Internet-connected phones offer the public. Mastering this technology involves a bit of a learning curve. Yet these devices also enriches the quality of daily life for millions:

One: Resolve Now to Learn to Manage Complex iPhone Systems During 2020

Jason Cross, a staff writer for MacWorld, proposes a series of 2020 New Years Resolutions designed to assist iPhone owners in configuring and operating key phone systems. His useful online article provides directions for accomplishing several important activities. Customize notifications, enhance security, establish family sharing, and perform backup routinely!

Two: Resolve to Explore Some Fun And Useful Apps During 2020

Another way to enjoy owning an iPhone this year involves utilizing some popular self-help apps. Far too many excellent programs exist to possibly mention all of them in one brief article. However, many people will appreciate some of these high-value, low-price or free apps:

  • Duolingo(free with ads): Learn another language.
  • Vanido:(free or with an annual fee) Take daily voice lessons.
  • Happify(monthly fee): Increase your happiness daily.
  • Google Maps (free): Obtain map information at your fingertips.
  • Dashlane (free): Let the app remember your passwords.

Three: Resolve to Obtain Quick Repair Services For Your iPhone During 2020

Finally, to ensure you obtain maximum utility from your iPhone during the coming year, consider making a resolution to seek prompt repair services if necessary. Today, millions of people around the world use smart phone technology on a daily (or even an hourly) basis. Don’t allow accidents or minor malfunctions to deprive you of your mobile phone. Consider posting a repair service phone number in a visible place so you can access this information quickly during an emergency.