Today, people employed in demanding fields sometimes possess relatively little detailed information about other occupations outside of their own areas of expertise. Rapid advances in technology leave many consumers puzzled about specific Information Technology industry qualifications and designations, for example. This lack of information sometimes places a customer at a disadvantage in obtaining knowledgeable computer repair services. This brief article highlights just a few of the leading international organizations dedicated to supporting IT repair industry professional development.

Computer Industry Organizations And Trade Associations

One: The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians

This international organization based in the United States offers a number of voluntary certifications for repairers of electronic devices and consumer appliances. The ISCET sponsors an annual convention. Members access an online store and job placement assistance.

Two: CompTIA

Founded originally in 1982 as a trade association to represent computer dealers, today CompTIA stands as an industry leader in offering testing for computer industry related certifications on an international level. The organization also publishes an influential journal, and partners with a number of different technology firms in offering classes and training programs. Its primary examinations lead to the award of the CompTIA A+ certification.

Three: Association For Computing Machinery

This international society seeks to advance the field of computing. Its membership spans a broad range, from academic researchers to software engineers to entrepreneurs. Roughly 50% of its members reside in the United States. The ACM frequently conducts seminars and workshops to disseminate information about recent breakthroughs and new challenges in the field of computer technology.

Raising Industry-Wide Standards For Electronic Repairers

Many full-time repair firms also support trade associations such as the rapidly growing ACRBO. The need for qualified repairers of electronic and computerized devices has expanded during recent years. Consequently, a number of businesses have opted to lend support to these types of industry resources.

The proliferation of information about the repair process and the computer industry ultimately benefits consumers. The certification process helps raise standards for the industry as a whole. Additionally, many of these organizations sponsor Codes of Conduct to help encourage their members to adhere to high ethical standards in their business dealings with the public.