Gmail is the most popular format for email services. Thankfully, Google specializes in being user-friendly and privacy locked. But no matter how good your security is, you may still be potential prey to hackers and scams. Luckily, our Jacksonville cell phone repair experts know a few things you can do to help protect yourself and your account.

2-Step Verification

Google has recently added this security feature that requires users to verify themselves in two steps. After you enter in your password, your Gmail account can send a special code straight to your phone through a text message. Once you receive the message, simply type the code into the box and move along to your messages. Our Jacksonville phone repair specialists note that you can also request a voice phone call instead.

Enable HTTPS Security

When you access your Gmail account while on a public wireless, our Mac repair technicians recommend disabling your HTTPS. This makes it more difficult for hackers to break into your account.

Check Granted Account Access

When you are on your “Settings” page, click “Accounts and Import,” then look at who is granted access to your account. If there is an account listed that you don’t recognize, chances are that a hacker has already made their way in. Make sure that your account marks conversations as read when others open them.

Check Filters, Forwarding and POP/IMAP

It’s important to remove any suspicious filters on your account because “bad” websites could access this information if your account is open on your computer. Also check your forwarding and POP/IMAP forwarding addresses and make sure that there are no accounts listed that will automatically forward your emails to an account you don’t recognize.

Track Account Activity

Your Gmail account has its very own Account Activity Panel where you can track all of your account’s activity. You can see everything on your account from log-ins to when you last signed in down to the minute.

Other Ideas for Protecting Your Account

-Enhance your password.
-Make your own security questions with unique answers.
-Don’t ignore a strange email from your family and friends.
-Download a browser plug-in that alerts you if you are on a potential hacker site.

Image courtesy of: WeHeartIt