The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a force to be reckoned with. There are more options than ever to make your Galaxy S4 work the best for you. With the use of these top 10 apps chosen by our cell phone repair experts, you’ll be glad you chose a Samsung device.

1. Sensors
These sensors that you can use on your S4 are so sensitive, you could even use them to predict when it’s going to rain! They can tell you temperature, pressure, light, humidity and more. Our Atlanta phone repair technicians think that this is a good app to have if you get headaches from pressure changes.

2. Magisto Video Editor and Maker
With social media being more relevant than ever, editing the videos you are putting on every social media platform is made simple with this editor and maker. The lighting-fast processor that comes with your Samsung device is what makes this app so simple and fun to use.

3. Floating Browser
Just like looking at a laptop screen, this app makes your device super simple to use, especially when you’re trying to multitask. It’s easy to type out a schedule while viewing your calender and your email at the same time. Any combination of apps running at the same time is made possible with Floating Browser.

4. Universal Remote
While you may pay a small price for this app, it’s well worth it. Universal Remote is compatible with more than 300,000 devices in your home! Turn up the volume on your TV or bump the air conditioning up when you’re on your way home from a sweaty run.

5. Netflix
Without a doubt, movies on the go are a necessity to cure extreme boredom. Downloading the app straight to your device allows you to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies.

6. Everything Home
Just say or type anything that comes to mind, and this device will launch anything you need or want to know on the subject!

7. Floating Notifications
Unlike regular notifications, this app allows all of your notifications to pop up over any app you’re logged into.

8. Nova Launcher Prime
To make the look of everything on your phone appeal to your eye, you can change it with this app. Our Atlanta cellphone repair pros love that you can customize your icons and even the look of your keyboard!

9. Swiftkey 4.3
Swiftkey has a great touch screen keyboard that is user friendly with great predictive texting and emojis.

10. Pudding Camera
This app is great for those who love to snap a great quality photo. Easy to share and easy to use to make your pictures look professional.

Image Courtesy of: Flickr