Keeping up with the latest cellphone technology and important developments in the industry allows us to offer expert Atlanta iPhone repair and other vital services to our customers. When innovative new technology appears on the market, we want to share the news with our clients. This is the case with the Google Translate App.

A Small World

Technology has transformed the world into a global village, albeit one with more than 7,000 spoken languages. Google’s most recent attempt to breach the language barrier comes in the form of the newest version of its app called Google Translate.

Conversation Mode

While it will not bridge the language gap completely, Google Translate does allow two or more people who do not share a common language to communicate with a certain degree of clarity. It is always better to use the app in a quiet setting, of course, but it is not difficult to carry out a simple conversation in real-time.

The app seems to work better if the users are native speakers of the languages being translated. It can translate simple sentences readily enough, but falters noticeably at attempts to translate more complex articulations. Still, the fact that it allows two people without a common language to exchange ideas and engage in simple conversation is impressive. It succeeds at what it sets out to do – to use technology to connect people, rather than isolate them.

Scanning Mode

You can also use the app to translate signs and text using the camera in your phone. You don’t even have to take a picture and wait for the app to scan and translate. You can see the app translate the words right before your eyes. This can be especially useful when ordering food in a restaurant, so you don’t end up with a completely unfamiliar local dish that you had no idea you ordered. Google Translate works well with many different things like road signs, street names or store banners.

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Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons