No one enjoys accidentally damaging their iPhone. Today, these useful devices prove essential for millions of people around the world! While they strive to prevent unnecessary smartphone mishaps at any time, avoiding preventable iPhone repair bills this month remains a priority for many cell phone owners. At least two factors contribute to this trend:

One: Ongoing Supply Chain Issues

First, it appears some electronic components for some models of smartphones remain in short supply. The tragic COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Peoples Republic of China severely during January and February. During that period, the Chinese government implemented some manufacturing plant closures. This situation reportedly contributed to the limited availability of some imported electronic components in other nations.

Sporadic supply chain disruptions may continue during April, 2020 in many communities. The pandemic has created significant hardships for millions of people, so the temporary lack of parts seems like a very minor complaint indeed. However, people requiring some types of phone repair services may well face protracted delays this month due to this issue.

Two: Limited Repair Service Availability

Another factor which might slow the repair of broken iPhones during April, 2020 relates to the short term closure of numerous retail repair outlets. For example, while they still provide consultations and accept mail, Apple’s retail Genius Bar outlets have temporarily shuttered retail service locations across the U.S. Numerous other repair services face short term closures during this difficult time, too.

Some independent retail smartphone repair outlets do remain open in some places. However, the temporary closures of repair stores in populous cities do suggest many smartphone owners should anticipate lengthier repair periods during April. The widespread shutdown of businesses in states heavily impacted by the pandemic requires consumers to exercise patience to a great extent.

Prevent Accidental iPhone Damage

Probably most iPhone owners today use some type of protective case (or skin) to safeguard their phones. However, if you have not yet implemented this measure, it might prove prudent to do so now. With possible repair delays likely in many places, consider exercising care to prevent accidental damage to your iPhone to the extent possible. In some situations, a high quality case can make a significant difference in a phone’s ability to withstand an accidental spill or other mishaps.