Around the world, computers contribute significantly to the safety and convenience of daily life. While every item of equipment eventually breaks, taking a few simple precautions may help reduce the need to obtain computer repair services. Lifeline Your Tech Team has assembled some useful tips to keep standalone PCs and laptops in a well-maintained condition:

1. Consider Placement Issues Carefully

Ideally, you’ll want to place the computer in a location where heavy objects won’t accidentally tumble on top of it. If you reside in an earthquake prone region, consider securing nearby shelving and furniture tightly to walls whenever possible. Also, place this tech well away from heavy foot-traffic pathways in busy offices. You’ll subject the computer to less airborne dust this way.

2. Secure Your Computers And Laptops When Not in Use

Some manufacturers supply protective plastic coverings or cases for PCs and laptops. Use these accessories. Just like mobile phones, this electronic equipment remains highly susceptible to accidental damage.

3. Use Antivirus Programs

Never allow a standalone computer or a laptop to operate without a well-functioning security software program on board. Many repair visits occur because unfortunate customers came into contact with malicious code online. While some computer viruses simply cause quirky malfunctions, many seek to damage the operating system or erase (or steal) valuable contents. Literally hundreds of thousands of viruses and similar programs circulate in Cyberspace during any given week.

4. Label Computer Accessories (Including Power Cords And Charging Devices)

Some repair visits occur because customers tried to connect or use the wrong computer accessories and attachments. A re-charging device designed for one specific brand of laptop may seriously damage another model. It makes sense to take steps to avoid this type of preventable error.

5. Clean Computer Keyboards Delicately

Over time, small particles of dust and debris collect on top of keyboards. These particles eventually interfere with the operation of the keys. Regular, gentle cleaning with the correct products helps prevent this buildup from causing performance problems. Many manufacturers market inexpensive keyboard cleaning kits.

6. Refrain From Consuming Beverages Near Your Computers And Laptops

Avoid conducting jubilant office parties in a computer area. From hot coffee to soda pop to champagne to water, spilled liquids affect PCs and laptops negatively. Preventable accidents sometimes ruin this expensive equipment.