Apple is not well-known for allowing out-dated software to stick around for long. Once you’ve updated to the latest version of iOS, you’re typically stuck with it and have no option to revert to the previous version. iOS builds need to be “signed” according to Apple’s servers before your phone will update, and once a new version is released to the public the previous version’s availability is gone in about a month.

The company made a small mistake when they signed multiple older iOS versions for a brief window of time. Many users took advantage of Apple’s error and downgraded from iOS 11. The majority of users stuck with iOS 10, but some users went as far back as iOS 6.1.3 according to reports on the Internet from the website Reddit. Users had total control of which version they wanted to run on their phones while the exploit was available, giving them the option to use whatever older version of iOS worked best on the device.

The decision to downgrade might have stemmed from the performance throttling “feature” that users were not fond of since it impacted performance on older devices. The slower performance has angered many Apple users who felt they may have been tricked into upgrading to a more expensive device earlier than they originally intended. Others have sought cell phone repair because after updating to a new operating system the phone had significant performance issues. The upgraded operating system even seemed to impact performance from the start, even without throttling due to battery deterioration.

Don’t get too excited if you were hoping to join the users who took advantage of the slip. Apple quickly recognized what had happened and made it so only iOS 11 was signed for upgrades. You’re stuck using iOS 11 and hoping that it offers new features or functions that make the user experience more enjoyable. There is hope for the future. An upcoming update promises to give users the ability to turn off the throttling feature for older iPhones if the system has ever done so automatically.