Today, the popularity of cell phones makes these devices essential for numerous households. One problem which eventually faces most phone owners at some point relates to water damage. Overcoming this threat has given rise to a variety of creative online DIY home remedies, in fact. This brief article explores the topic of wet cell phone repair measures.

Water: How It Damages Cell Phones

Water disrupts cell phones (and many other electrical appliances) because it conducts electricity very effectively. For this reason, dunking a cell phone in a puddle of water readily scrambles the phone’s electrical circuits and other components. Similarly, accidentally spilling a beverage over a phone may cause serious damage. Even a small volume of liquid penetrating the case and contacting the interior of the phone frequently proves catastrophic.

Popular DIY Remedies

One popular online DIY “remedy” for saving a waterlogged cell phone reportedly involves removing the batteries and the exterior case. Then place the phone in a plastic bag filled with a desiccant, such as instant rice or instant oatmeal. In theory, a desiccant should absorb liquid from the sensitive interior of the phone, eventually helping it dry out.

DIY Repair Hazards

This approach holds many problems. First, waterlogged batteries prove dangerous to handle. Second, since cell phones involve precisely engineered components, amateur salvage efforts often fail completely. In fact, in some cases, desiccants leave residues inside the interior of the cell phone, impeding its functionality. Opinions vary with respect to the utility of this form of do-it-yourself phone repair measure. Many experts believe allowing the wet phone to simply dry out proves equally as effective, in fact.

The Gold Standard

What steps should you take to protect your cell phone from water damage? Preventing damage holds real value here. Most experts recommend choosing a waterproof case or a water-resistant exterior “skin” to help add an extra layer of protection to the device. By making it more difficult for water to come into contact with the phone’s interior, these accessories improve the odds of the phone surviving an accidental exposure to liquids. Additionally, if your phone ever does sustain water damage, consider taking it to a qualified repairer. This precaution may (or may not) assist in saving the phone after contact with water. Calling upon the skills of trained phone repair technicians typically offers the best repair strategy!