When faced with an emergency like a broken-down car, chances are you dig into your pocket and pull out that trusty cellphone. Despite the wealth of apps and features that modern smartphones support, the main reason everyone owns a mobile is ultimately to stay connected.

It is times like these in which unhindered reception and signal quality are vital. Here are a few ways to optimize cellphone signal strength wherever you are, whether that is on a deserted back road or in your safe and secure downtown apartment. Make sure to contact our Atlanta iPhone repair pros for hardware replacements that may be hindering call quality.

Mobile Connections Matter

With each passing day, cellphone technology gets closer and closer to the quality of landlines. Just like Wi-Fi connections will never fully match the performance of Ethernet, mobile devices are at a natural disadvantage due to digital airwaves. Anything that gets in the way of these waves will ultimately disrupt and hinder your cellphone call clarity, which is why it is common for people to drop calls inside brick buildings and when passing through mountains and other imposing terrain.

You may be surprised to know that many mobile carriers offer their customers at-home cell towers. These devices are small and plug directly into your home’s Internet router to boost the signal strength in the immediate vicinity to full capacity. Up to six users can bounce their phone signal through most personal cell tower models. Our Atlanta phone repair company can provide you with additional information about these devices.

Direct signal boosters are yet another sound alternative for enhancing connection quality, but there is more hardware involved and installation often requires the help of an expert. If all else fails, set your smartphone to forward calls to your landline.

Our Atlanta phone repairspecialists can fix damage that can lead to connection problems. We offer exceptional cellphone repair in Atlanta, so give us a call today!