Today, millions of people depend upon iPhones on a daily basis. As a skilled iPhone repair firm, LifeLife Your Tech Team pays close attention to maintenance concerns. One problem sometimes reported by phone users also occasionally impacts computers, too: a frozen screen. What causes this aggravating malfunction? In the vast majority of cases, three common problems (and one comparatively rare threat) account for this glitch.

Three Typical Reasons “Frozen” Screens Occur

Fortunately, an iPhone screen “freezes” infrequently. Many phone owners never encounter this problem. However, if you’ve noticed the screen on your device suddenly failing to respond to commands, consider three likely culprits:

1. Too Little Storage Space Available

By far the most likely reason for the freezing of the phone’s screen relates to insufficient available memory. Some phone users simply fail to reboot their phones at regular intervals. They attempt to leave the device on constantly throughout the day. Most experts recommend turning the iPhone off for at least one minute at regular intervals. This practice both assists battery lifespan, and it decreases the chance of the iPhone screen becoming unresponsive. This “reboot” benefits the anticipated useful lifespan of the device.

2. Unreliable Apps

Another common reason for screen freezing involves the downloading of phone apps from untrustworthy or unreliable sources. Sometimes developers create independent phone apps that seek to utilize extensive operating system resources. This type of code may ultimately cause problems, such as a frozen screen. One of the most useful steps to take in this situation involves temporarily turning off the iPhone, waiting for a minute, then restarting again. If the problem persists, consider removing the offending app.

3. Too Many Uninstalled Updates

Failing to authorize the installation of essential operating system updates also sometimes contributes to screen freezing. Sometimes, iPhone owners employ their smartphones on a nearly constant basis. They may fail to set aside time for updating.

A Rare (But Disturbing) Cause of Screen Freezing

A far less common malicious reason for iPhone screen freezing incidents also potentially poses problems today. An iPhone virus may have infected the operating system. This spring, many iPhone users in India encountered a glitch when a string of Sindhi language characters transmitted through text messages created software problems for people using the iOS 13.4.1 release. Happily, in that case, rebooting usually solved the malfunction.