Near Field Communication is an amazing technology that is being introduced to consumers mostly through smartphones, and the buzz among Atlanta cell phone repair stores such as, Lifeline Repairs is building. The potential for this technology is broad with various exciting uses. Back in 2004, Nokia, Sony and Royal Phillips Electronics got together to explore this technology and its applications. They created the NFC Forum which now consists of over 140 corporations.

NFC allows a device to collect data from another device with a NFC tag that is in close range. For example, with a Bluetooth enabled device the two devices communicating must be programmed to communicate with each other, but with NFC you can touch the devices to one another to exchange data. Atlanta phone repair pros are gearing up for the introduction of more devices that use this technology.

The applications for this type of communication are tremendous. This technology can be used for payment systems, in the medical records field, to exchange playlists and contact information, and one day even to play a two-person game with a friend. It can be used with social media as a location broadcaster and there are many different applications that can help companies market products.

Developers consider Near Field Communications to be more secure than some other methods of data transfer due to the close proximity of the two devices. The use of this technology requires no more than a simple touch. You may be able to print right from your phone by touching your printer or even pay for your bus ride home. NFC also encourages fast and effortless set up of WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

NFC is poised to integrated into our everyday lives to make data transfer simple, safe and effortless. The proposed applications are growing rapidly and the big boys such as mobile phone providers, Apple, Google, PayPal, Amazon as well as Atlanta iPhone repair stores are studying how NFC can help their businesses communicate and encourage better customer relations as well as give another viable avenue to their marketing arms.

NFC is going to change the way that we communicate and bring another level of purpose to our mobile devices. Stop in and ask the professionals at Lifeline Repairs, specialists in cell phone repair in Atlanta, Ga., about this new technology.