Today, the widespread use of computerized systems has stimulated training and career opportunities in the field of computer repair services. Have you ever wondered what types of qualities a capable repair technician should possess? This brief article explores this timely question.

Some Important Skills Required by Repairers

People who repair damaged computer systems ideally display a number of important personality traits. Most experts agree these individuals benefit from intelligence coupled with basic problem solving skills. They need to understand the operation of complex electronic devices. Both the ability to appreciate potential safety issues and observational capabilities prove important in this technical field.

Yet a capable repair technician must also communicate effectively with other people. Verbal and written skills matter enormously, too. A repairer who gathers accurate information from customers enjoys advantages in identifying and solving computer problems quickly, for instance. Talented repair techs require the patience and self-discipline to document the work they perform on computer systems in detail. They frequently need fine motor skills in order to physically replace electronic components in damaged hardware.

Innovative New Training Programs

In 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a typical repair technician received a median yearly salary of $52,550. Obviously, fixing damaged computers enables many repairers to earn a comfortable living. Perhaps not surprisingly, a growing number of academic programs in public schools and secondary institutions now offer training programs in this technical field.

Recently, a newspaper in Akron, Ohio reported about an innovative initiative for high school students interested in pursuing technical careers as repair techs. The Copley-Fairlawn City Schools invested in a creative program called “Generation Youth and Educators Succeeding” (abbreviated as “GenYES”). The school district trains high school students who sign up to serve as Student Technology Leaders (“STLs”) to provide basic repair services for computers. All students receive a laptop computer to use while enrolled in the district. Student STLs assume responsibility for keeping these devices well maintained and in good shape. The school district hopes this program will assist pupils in integrating theoretical knowledge with practical repair skills.

Many Opportunities

The popularity of computers in modern society virtually ensures a growing marketplace for repair services. People trained in the repair of electronic gadgets and mobile technology find many venues for using their skills today. Around the USA, many useful programs seek to educate the next generation of computer support technicians!