Have you ever walked away from your iPhone and then come back later to find it stuck in recovery mode? You may find some solutions to this problem, but oftentimes these are not permanent solutions, and you’ll find yourself stuck in the same situation just a few short days after you thought you fixed it the first time. If you want to know why this problem happens, and how to keep it from happening again, keep reading. If you’re not able to fix the issue on your own, bring your phone in for speedy iPhone repair in Peachtree City.

What is Recovery Mode?

To understand recovery mode, we have to talk about boot loader and what that means. All iPhones need a boot loader in order to load the operating system onto the device. Your boot loader, referred to by Apple as “iBoot”, is constantly scanning and checking your phone for errors. If iBoot discovers an error, such as an iOS installation issue or a failed upgrade, it places your phone in recovery mode to avoid any further damage.

What Should You Do if Your Phone is in Recovery Mode?

If you find your phone is in recovery mode, you’ll have a few options: restore, update, or do nothing.

If you choose to update or restore

If you restore your iPhone while it is in recovery mode, you will permanently erase all data, apps, photos, games and documents from your device. You should be able to restore and recover them later.

If your phone is still responsive while in recovery mode, choose to restore or update your device. Updating it will automatically update your device to the latest iOS software, which should take care of the problem.

If your device is stuck in recovery mode

If you’ve found that your device is stuck in recovery mode — meaning that you can’t navigate away from the recovery mode screen and it doesn’t register that you’re connected to your computer — then try this. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable, hold the home button and the sleep button until you see the Apple logo pop up on the screen. Keep holding the home button and the sleep button until your device boots up and shows you the white screen with the Apple logo. Once you see the Apple logo, you’ve successfully gotten out of recovery mode.

If you continue to experience issues with your iPhone after following these troubleshooting tips, don’t risk causing any more damage to your device. Bring your iPhone in to a LifeLine location near you and let our iPhone repair experts get your device back to working order.
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