Today, in large numbers, consumers around the world have embraced the popular Apple iPhone. As a company offering skilled iPhone repair services, LifeLine Your Tech Team pays close attention to new developments impacting leading smart phone brands. This technology has undergone some impressive engineering advances during recent years.

While no one can accurately predict the details of upcoming phone releases, of course, a lot of educated speculation surrounds this topic. This brief article relays some news media reports concerning possible upcoming iPhone innovations. The information about possible new phone features will likely interest iPhone fans!

Will The iPhone Include New Biometric Capabilities?

During the past two decades, the field of biometrics has undergone significant changes. The term “biometrics” refers to measuring distinctive physical characteristics. For example, biometric tools permit the identification of people based upon the appearance of a human face or a unique fingerprint.

Once considered largely within the realm of science fiction, today the development of accurate biometric tools has made significant progress. The increased power of computer database technology accounts for much of this success. Now, considerable speculation exists that in the future, the iPhone will incorporate biometric facial identification technology into its design. Possibly this technology will permit more secure payment transactions when cell phone owners make online purchases.

Some Advantages of Face ID Technology For Cell Phones

The combination of biometric facial identification capabilities with smart phones promises to increase the security of these mobile devices. For example, imagine a new phone owner possessing the capability to require facial recognition in order to use the phone? This situation might deter some phone thefts.

Additionally, merchants would obtain greater assurance than orders received from cell phones actually came from authorized customers. Considerable evidence exists that future generations of the iPhone may combine facial ID technology with fingerprint biometric scanning to enhance security. Possibly both forms of biometric identification will help secure online commercial transactions in the future.

Other Possible Innovations

Speculation also exists that the smart phones of the near future will include important Bluetooth upgrades. For example, this innovation might allow multiple people to use distinct (yet connected) Bluetooth headsets to enjoy the same streamed digital content on an iPhone. This innovation might hold significant implications for phone privacy and copyright protections, of course. It will likely interest automotive companies seeking to furnish additional infotainment capabilities.