New phones are continually being released with new designs, features, and a significant price tag. Don’t get discouraged when you see the dollar signs though. You can usually trade your current phone in, as long as you don’t need cell phone repair, to your carrier or sell it to someone else. Wait! Before you sell your device you need to delete your personal information such as your texts, photographs, and account information. Follow these steps to get your phone ready for resale before you select your new device.

Reasons you need to prep your phone before sale

Selling your phone or trading it in reduces the amount of waste while also making you some money to put towards a new one. If you don’t completely erase it before the sale, you leave yourself vulnerable to security concerns and an invasion of your privacy. It’s necessary to do it on both Android and iPhone devices.

Steps to wipe data on your Android

Clearing your personal information on your Android is simple. Follow these three steps:

  1. Open your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections and delete all connections and devices.
  2. Synchronize your apps by navigating to “System” and tap on “Backup.” Choose the option to back up to Google Drive.
  3. Clear all personal information by selecting “Settings” and go to “System.” Tap “Reset or Backup and Reset” and selecting “Factory data reset” then “Reset phone” to completely erase any personal information.

Steps to clear data on your iPhone

  1. Unpair your Bluetooth connections.
  2. Backup all information to iCloud, a desktop, laptop, or an external hard drive.
  3. Navigate to “Settings” and select “iCloud Name” followed by “Sign out” and then “Turn off” to sign out of your iCloud account.
  4. Go to “Settings,” tap “General,” select “Reset,” and choose the option to “Erase all content and settings.”

Do as much research as possible to determine how much your phone is worth before selling or trading it in. Compare prices for the phone in new and used devices online, and take into account your phone’s condition. You’ll probably get more money if you still have the original packaging, manuals, and accessories that came with your phone. Taking some time to prep your phone before the sale can mean the difference between getting the most money possible, or shorting yourself on what you could actually make.