Today, some models of Apple’s acclaimed iPhone offer excellent water-damage resistance. As a company respecting this technology, LifeLine Your Tech Team urges customers to avoid preventable iPhone repair costs whenever possible. Safeguarding even a waterproof iPhone against exposure to damp or wet conditions still holds value.

Impressive Advances in Waterproofing

During the past decade, iPhone buyers witnessed remarkable improvements in this area. Owners of the first generations of smartphones frequently sustained repair bills from minor, common accidents. Soda pop accidentally spilling across a phone could cause significant damage during that era. Customers who waded through high water carrying a cell phone in one pocket sometimes had to replace the device.

One important technical improvement involved the addition of a water damage indicator tab. Located on the charging port of a 4 or a 4S model, and on the sim card tray slot of the 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, and 7S, this scale helps identify water-related damage. The white tab turns red after water exposure, cautioning owners not to plug in the phone. Apple recently released newer, more water-resistant phone models. These tough products withstand damp conditions better than earlier releases.

The Limits of Waterproofing Technology

Although many newer models of the iPhone resist water damage more effectively, this enhancement should not cause consumers to disregard owner instructions. The manufacturer does not recommend exposing the iPhone to water. Sometimes shoppers don’t realize this limitation. For example, an Italian regulatory agency recently fined the manufacturer on the grounds some advertising for iPhone models 8 through 11 created inadvertent confusion about this issue.

The recent controversy suggests consumers should still take measures to prevent the accidental exposure of an iPhone to water. Some models of this popular phone can survive remaining submerged underwater for limited periods of time. Yet this capability does not make the device a great solution for underwater filming, for instance. As a smart phone, the iPhone still excels primarily as a communications device.

One Illustration

For example, vacationers who enjoy standup paddleboarding sometimes carry along a water-resistant smartphone. The gadget helps them remain in constant communication with other people on the shore (an important safety consideration). Yet even in this recreational situation, it makes sense to use a waterproof skin or a case to protect the smartphone from accidental damage. This precaution helps maintain the iPhone!