When you need iPhone repair it can be intimidating. Your phone is your life. If you get the wrong repair person you could be out a phone. That when you need to know, you can hand your phone to someone you trust. Did you know that maintaining your phone can make it last for years longer than you expected? Read on to find out how.


Your iPhone’s battery is the largest culprit of iPhone repairs. So many people end up getting those repaired or replaced. It’s inexpensive to get them switched out, so why wouldn’t you do that? Others think they need a new phone when their iPhone dies. They never consider a battery replacement. Here are some of the signs that your iPhone needs a new battery.

  • Your battery depletes faster.
  • The iPhone shuts itself off out of nowhere.
  • The battery amount changes in an odd way.
  • You can’t power it on.

Battery Percentage

Once your battery begins to lose its charge, you can go into settings and click on battery. Then select battery health to see the percentage. Many iPhone users talk about how long they can make their battery last. The honest truth is that a depleting battery can damage the iPhone. Any iPhone is like that. When yours depletes below 100%, get it checked by a professional repair person.

Shutting Off

If your iPhone gets to the point where it’s shutting itself off, that is like an SOS signal. The battery is dead and needs replacement. You might also notice battery levels that bounce around. You plug it in and it says 100%. Then you unplug it, thinking it’s charged, and it goes to 20%. When it does that, it’s almost done for. Which leads to the next symptom.


Laugh if you want, but a dead iPhone makes your stomach drop. If you have more than one phone, you’ll have less of a reaction. Even if you do, though, and you haven’t read this here, you’ll have a moment of panic. Realize that there are professionals that can replace your battery in a matter of minutes. Make sure you have your iCloud backup before your battery gets to this point. Also, ensure you know your Apple ID password.

Changing your battery like this can maintain it and allow you to enjoy it for years after you’d expect. In fact, batteries are the most common repair, after cracked screens. That’s a conversation for another post.