If you’ve ever purchased an electronic device, you’ve probably know what a screen protector is. When you visit a cell phone repair shop or big box store that specializes in selling electronics, you might hear terms such as plastic or tempered glass. Now ask yourself, do you know the difference?

Comparing Tempered Glass v. Plastic

When you decide that you need to buy a screen protector, you have the option of either tempered or plastic glass. Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but it’s ideal to go with a tempered glass screen protector when you have the choice.

But why? They’re ideal because they:

  • Feel just like the glass on your actual phone and not like a barrier
  • Resist scratches better than a plastic screen protector
  • Have thicknesses ranging from .3mm to .5mm, compared to .1 mm for most typical plastic screen protectors

If you’re not completely sold on the idea of using plastic or tempered glass, you have another option with liquid glass. The main ingredient in liquid glass is silicon dioxide, and it fills your screen’s porous surface to strengthen its glass. As the popularity of liquid glass expands, more stores will offer it as an option.

Some consumers have ditched their screen protectors as manufacturers have improved the quality of their materials. All screens can potentially incur damage, so it is well worth the investment to get a screen protector as soon as you purchase your phone.


Installing a tempered glass screen protector takes plenty of patience and a very precise hand. It’s best to eliminate dust and hair from the area, and don’t touch the screen protector at any point during installation for best results. Follow these steps to install your tempered glass screen protector.

  1. Wipe your screen free from all dust, dirt, and fingerprints.
  2. Remove the screen protector from its packaging by holding it on its sides, and then remove the adhesive on the back.
  3. Align the protector with your phone and apply it to the screen.
  4. Use slight pressure to press the adhesive against the glass and use a plastic tool or credit card to press the air bubbles towards the edges of the screen.

You can also have someone with experience do it for you if you aren’t sure you’ll get it fit just right.