Lifeline Your Tech Team sometimes receives requests to assist customers wrestling with a challenging dilemma. When a computer breaks down, should the owner consider obtaining repair services? Or should a customer simply replace the equipment instead?

No one except you really possesses the ability to answer this highly individual question in a satisfactory way. Yet our repair company may provide valuable input. We strive to help customers make better-informed decisions. This brief article highlights some important issues to evaluate as you decide whether or not to fix or replace a malfunctioning business computer system.

  1. How old is your firm’s computer system?
    Customers usually discover advantages in maintaining accurate, readily accessible records about the firm’s technology assets. By remaining cognizant of a computer’s manufacturing date, an owner usually enjoys an easier time finding replacement parts. Once the firm’s IT system grows too old to obtain spare components easily, managers should probably consider replacing outdated hardware.
  2. Does the malfunction originate as a result of a hardware problem or a software problem?
    A repairer may assist a customer in troubleshooting computer problems. One key issue to identify involves the source of a malfunction. Typically, hardware problems require more extensive repair efforts than software “glitches”.
  3. Have you configured your computer system correctly?
    In certain situations, computers seemingly malfunction due to a failure to configure IT systems correctly. This issue occurs most frequently when small companies without Information Technology departments seek to incorporate new technology into an existing “legacy” system. An experienced repairer furnishes useful assistance resolving this common issue.
  4. Do you maintain a fully integrated computer system?
    Sometimes small businesses fail to consider future expansion when they first begin using a computer. Managers may neglect to ensure all the computers within their networks operate compatibly with one another. At some point, a growing firm saves money by upgrading to a new, fully integrated operational system.
  5. How frequently does your company find itself requesting repair services for its computers?
    In some cases, the need to obtain frequent computer repair assistance outweighs the cost of upgrading to a new system. It generally makes sense to consult with a qualified repair firm before undertaking a large-scale purchase. Obtaining input from a professional in the IT field may furnish valuable guidance as a customer compares and evaluates competing products!