Phone Repair Franchise

Lifeline Repairs is a recognized regional innovator in the Electronic Repair and Services market space throughout the Southeastern United States.  The company has established locations in key markets in order to initiate a complete change in the electronic repair industry segment. The brand reputation has been built on excellent customer service, amazing product quality, innovative thinking and most importantly, the customer experience. Lifeline Repairs is committed to creating a truly “life saving” service experience where the customer is able to get their electronic device back up and running in a very short time period.

We do this by providing the best customer service in the Electronic Repair and Service industry and treating our customers like we would our own family members when they come to see us. We enjoy taking care of people when they are in need of help; it’s in our DNA. Lifeline Repairs has built the company with based focus on the Electronic Repair and service market and provides a unique, completely differentiated experience for each and every customer who visits a Lifeline Repairs location.

Lifeline Repairs provides highly successful business opportunities for Electronic Repair entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to start a business in this thriving industry. We are looking for motivated individuals interested in owning and operating a high volume, high margin Electronic Repair and Service business.

Once a Lifeline Repairs franchise is chosen, our senior staff becomes 100% committed to that individual store’s success. When you join the Lifeline Repairs family, our senior staff members become accessible for your every need, and are directly accountable for your success. This is the best business model for increased revenues, financial growth, and the overall success of the Lifeline Repairs Brand.

Contact Lifeline Repairs franchise department for additional details.