Home Office & In-Home Tech Support

We’ll boost your whole home network—and repair any broken devices

In-home networks are like plumbing. When they don’t work, it’s a big problem. Especially now, with 5G upgrades, smart TVs, streaming services, video calls, music, cell phones, laptops, smart locks, tablets, home assistants, and even robot vacuums relying on your Wi-Fi. Slow speeds and tech problems don’t just drain your internet speeds to a crawl, they can disrupt your workday and bring your in-home harmony to a halt.

(Plus, you have to keep all your devices in top shape.)

Let our experts optimize your network, upgrade your settings for 5G connectivity, set up your system, and repair any devices in your home.

We don’t just fix your network. We fix everything it runs.

Our expert installation and repair services include:

  • Full home Smart Hub setup
  • Home printing connections
  • Wifi Mesh Extender setup
  • Home office network setup
  • Router installation
  • Computer, laptop, tablet, and cellphone repair
  • Data transfer
  • Drone repair
  • WiFi setup and satellite optimization
  • iPhone & Android screen repair
  • Drone repair

When it comes to your network and devices, there’s not much we can’t do. And you’re not just getting a tech expert. You’re getting a tech expert who knows how to make everything work in your home, and gives you access to it even when you’re away.


LifeLine technicians are trusted members of our team. We never use third party vendors, and you can be sure your in-home experts have undergone strict background checks and certification. We promise that the only people we’d ever send to your house are ones we already trust in our own.

For your peace of mind, our team observes all standard COVID-19 protocols.