Smart Home Automation & Security

Raise your expectations for how smart your home can be

Too many devices and not enough time? Smart devices aren’t just a convenience these days, they’re essential to your home’s security. But as your house grows smarter, it requires more attention.

Proper installation and setup is vital to your system’s security and functionality. Missed steps and improper connections can limit your system’s effectiveness and cause gaps in protection.

Let our certified technicians connect all your smart gadgets to ensure they’re protecting your home, lowering your utility bills, and finally performing as they should.

A smart home system only performs well when it’s set up right

Our expert installation services include:

  • Video doorbells and front door monitoring
  • Security Systems and video monitoring
  • Smart locks with auto safety features
  • Smart speakers and interconnected devices
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Energy-friendly home electronics
  • Full home Smart Hub setup

You purchase smart devices with the expectation that they’ll make your life easier. With LifeLine, they do.

Need to purchase a system?:

LifeLife offers a full line of all your favorite devices. Ask us for recommendations.


LifeLine technicians are trusted members of our team. We never use third party vendors, and you can be sure your in-home experts have undergone strict background checks and certification. We promise that the only people we’d ever send to your house are ones we already trust in our own.

For your peace of mind, our team observes all standard COVID-19 protocols.