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Pensacola Computer Repair


(850) 476-0899

6024 N. 9th Ave., Suite 4, Pensacola, FL 32504

Get Directions

Get Directions

Monday to Wednesday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Thursday and Friday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: Closed

Walk in available


  • Virus Removal

    Lifeline Repairs Chicago Services & Pricing

    Basic Call For Price

    • full pc analysis
    • full pc tune-up
    • password reset
    • virus/malware/spyware removed
    • anti-virus software installation
    • 1-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Express Call For Price

    • basic plus
    • 2-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Premier Call For Price

    • express plus
    • 3-year lifeline warranty*
    • 3-year virus protection
  • Data Recovery

    Lifeline Repairs Birmingham Services & Pricing

    Data Retrieval Call For Price

    • removal and transfer of user data to another hard drive or to an external
    • virus/spyware scan and removal from data

    Level 1 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • data retrieval plus
    • operating system reinstallation

    Level 2 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • level 1 data recovery plus
    • device needs further computer analysis such as rebuilds, reconditioning, and/or repairing of the drive’s file systems
  • Upgrades – Installations

    Birmingham PC Repair Services & Pricing



    Operating System

  • Additional Services (Add- Ons)

    PC Repair, Computer Repair Services & Pricing

    Rush My Repair

    Password Reset

    Data Backup

    • creating of the data image then transfer and storage to a secondary device
    • call for price

Is your PC on the fritz? Don’t get frustrated and give up on it. Instead, give it a chance at a second life by bringing it in to the PC repair specialists in Pensacola at LifeLine Repairs. Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to take your broken PC and get it back to working like it should so you don’t have to drop some serious cash on a new computer. Whether it’s your laptop or desktop, we’ve got your covered.

Expert Computer Repair in Pensacola

From blank monitors to oddly acting keyboards to motherboards that lose their moxie, we can fix whatever is preventing you from tweeting, writing reports, or whatever it may be that you use your computer for. LifeLine can also de-bug your PC to kill those nasty viruses infecting hardware, recover important data that was lost due to corrupted software or hardware and perform installations and upgrades necessary to keeping your PC operating seamlessly when you need it.

Our Pensacola PC repair experts work on a wide variety of computers, including Samsung, Gateway, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, ASUS and HP.

Common PC Issues We Experience

If you suspect that your computer or laptop is infected with malware, we can help! Our virus removal processes include:

  • Full PC Analysis
  • Removal of Virus/Malware/Spyware
  • Anti-virus Software Installation
  • Password Reset
  • Various lengths of LifeLine Warranties depending on the package you choose

If your issue is not due to a virus, but rather a need for data retrieval, we can help you as well. Our data retrieval processes come in three levels

  • Data Retrieval – Removal and transfer of data to another hard drive or external storage device & virus/spyware scan and removal from data
  • Level 1 Data Recovery – Data retrieval + operating system re-installation
  • Level 2 Data Recovery – Data retrieval + Level 1 + Rebuilds, reconditioning and/or repairing of the drive’s file systems

Other services we provide for PC owners include hardware, software, and operating system installation and troubleshooting.

LifeLine is Pensacola’s “Go-To” PC Repair Center

The next time you get one of those sudden digital device headaches, take a deep breath and call us. We’re here to help you in any way we can with the kind of technological expertise you expect from the best Pensacola PC Repair experts. We service all types of technology, not just PCs, so you can bring us your broken iPhones, shattered smartphones, slow tablets, or unresponsive Macbooks and we’ll get your stuff working like it should.

Visit the Pensacola Lifeline Repairs at 6024 N. 9th Ave, Suite 4 in Pensacola FL near the Pensacola International Airport. We also have locations in Jacksonville, Miami and Tallahassee.

Lifeline Repairs Pensacola, Computer Repair