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Peachtree City Computer Repair


(770) 487-3222

1007 Georgian Park, Peachtree City, GA 30269, USA

Get Directions

Get Directions

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Sunday: Closed

  • Virus Removal

    Lifeline Repairs Chicago Services & Pricing

    Basic Call For Price

    • full pc analysis
    • full pc tune-up
    • password reset
    • virus/malware/spyware removed
    • anti-virus software installation
    • 1-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Express Call For Price

    • basic plus
    • 2-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Premier Call For Price

    • express plus
    • 3-year lifeline warranty*
    • 3-year virus protection
  • Data Recovery

    Lifeline Repairs Birmingham Services & Pricing

    Data Retrieval Call For Price

    • removal and transfer of user data to another hard drive or to an external
    • virus/spyware scan and removal from data

    Level 1 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • data retrieval plus
    • operating system reinstallation

    Level 2 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • level 1 data recovery plus
    • device needs further computer analysis such as rebuilds, reconditioning, and/or repairing of the drive’s file systems
  • Upgrades – Installations

    Birmingham PC Repair Services & Pricing



    Operating System

  • Additional Services (Add- Ons)

    PC Repair, Computer Repair Services & Pricing

    Rush My Repair

    Password Reset

    Data Backup

    • creating of the data image then transfer and storage to a secondary device
    • call for price

Does the thought of losing your cell phone or going without your computer for a few days make you nervous? New apps and hardware on smartphones and tablets contain almost every aspect of life, letting you pay for great stuff over at The Avenue with NFC like Apple Pay, or keeping you connected to your workout tracker as you go for a jog through Flat Creek Park. It’s only natural that you want to keep your favorite devices in great working order, and make sure that any bumps, bruises, screen cracks or other damages are quickly repaired by experts. So how do you find a quick PC repair in Peachtree City, or help when you have a smartphone issue?

Visit the Computer Repair Specialists at LifeLine

Choosing the right PC repair in Peachtree City isn’t that unlike finding a doctor when you have a cold – you want a team that’s knowledgeable, works with your schedule and gets you back on track as soon as possible. LifeLine is ready to get your computers, tablets, smartphones and laptops back to where you need them to be – fast, reliable and with physical damage repaired or eliminated entirely. Don’t take a chance by trusting your device with someone who operates out of their basement – you’re not going to get the expertise and guarantees that come with choosing LifeLine for your Peachtree City computer and smartphone repair. In fact, they might even make your original problem worse! Why take a chance with your expensive devices when you don’t have to?

LifeLine Provides the Personal Service You Deserve

Going to big box stores and using franchised services to repair that cracked screen or malware infestation might seem like a good idea, but your mind will change when you realize how impersonal and sales-y their approach can be. When you need a tech diagnosis, you don’t want to be subjected to an endless cycle of upselling and paperwork – you just want quick PC repair in Peachtree City. We understand busy schedules, and take pride in our approach of “cutting to the chase” and letting you know what’s wrong, how much it will cost to repair it and how quickly the job will be finished. You wouldn’t expect someone fixing your washing machine to try and sell you a new one, or a mechanic trying to push you to buy their used car as they’re fixing your current one, so why deal with those hassles when you need tech repair? We understand that you like your devices and want to keep using them – that’s why you’re on the hunt for fast smartphone and quick PC repair in Peachtree City.

We’re ready to get your favorite tech devices healed up and back in business – give Lifeline a call at 470-204-2160 today!

Computer Repair Peachtree City