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Hackettstown Computer Repair


(908) 691-9100

470 Schooley”s Mountain Rd, Unit 7, Hackettstown NJ 07840

Get Directions

Get Directions

Mon - Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sun: Closed

Walk in available


  • Virus Removal

    Lifeline Repairs Chicago Services & Pricing

    Basic Call For Price

    • full pc analysis
    • full pc tune-up
    • password reset
    • virus/malware/spyware removed
    • anti-virus software installation
    • 1-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Express Call For Price

    • basic plus
    • 2-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Premier Call For Price

    • express plus
    • 3-year lifeline warranty*
    • 3-year virus protection
  • Data Recovery

    Lifeline Repairs Birmingham Services & Pricing

    Data Retrieval Call For Price

    • removal and transfer of user data to another hard drive or to an external
    • virus/spyware scan and removal from data

    Level 1 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • data retrieval plus
    • operating system reinstallation

    Level 2 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • level 1 data recovery plus
    • device needs further computer analysis such as rebuilds, reconditioning, and/or repairing of the drive’s file systems
  • Upgrades – Installations

    Birmingham PC Repair Services & Pricing



    Operating System

  • Additional Services (Add- Ons)

    PC Repair, Computer Repair Services & Pricing

    Rush My Repair

    Password Reset

    Data Backup

    • creating of the data image then transfer and storage to a secondary device
    • call for price

In an era fueled by Internet communications, computers have become an essential commodity of every home. In order to keep your PC in excellent condition, performing routine maintenance is imperative. The highly-trained specialists at LifeLine Repairs in Hackettstown offer a diverse range of PC repair services to keep your computer running as it should. Located between Ruby Tuesday’s and the Walmart Supercenter off of Route 57, LifeLine staffs the most adept repair technicians in the region to provide you with exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art PC repair.

Computer Virus Removal Services

If your computer is running slowly or acting funny, it’s possible that it’s been infected by a virus. Most PC owners will experience this situation at some point, but it is imperative that you get it taken care of as soon as possible so you can avoid having irreparable damage done to your device.

LifeLine has Hackettstown PC repair specialists that are equipped to remove even the most pervasive and malicious viruses from your PC, and can rapidly restore your computer to excellent working condition. With Basic, Express, and Premier virus removal services available, you can get the virus removed and add up to 3 years of virus protection so you won’t run into the same problem again in a few weeks.

Excellent Data Recovery in Hackettstown

There are few things more aggravating than preparing for an important work presentation, only for your computer to suddenly malfunction, leaving you unable to access critical documents. Fortunately, with the help of a LifeLine PC repair specialistist in Hackettstown, you can have all of your lost data retrieved efficiently and effectively, so you can ace your presentation and impress your superiors. In addition, we can back up all of your data so you’ll be more prepared in the future.

LifeLine Can Perform Computer Upgrades

Improve the efficiency and agility of your PC with a computer upgrade. With hardware, software, and operating system installations, LifeLine’s expert PC repair specialists are equipped to improve the performance of any PC effortlessly. They can also increase the memory of your computer, so you can enhance its operating speed and store more data.

Virtually every aspect of the modern world relies on the use of technology. In order to keep up with all daily tasks and work responsibilities, it’s essential to have your PC operating at optimum efficiency. LifeLine’s expertly trained PC repair staff are highly equipped to combat even the most troubling technological issues, leaving you with a virus-free computer that will operate seamlessly over the years.

Let LifeLine Take Care of Your Computer

Are you ready to bring your device in and get it back to working order? You can either schedule an appointment, drop by at your convenience, or mail your device in to us. Whatever method you choose, we guarantee that our speedy repair services will get you back to surfing the internet and preparing presentations, all without breaking the bank. All of our services are backed by a 120-day warranty so you know you’re getting quality repair services. Contact us today for more information.

Lifeline Repairs Hackettstown, Computer Repair