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Houston Computer Repair


(832) 831-1310

2246 W. Holcombe BLVD Houston, TX 77030

Get Directions

Get Directions

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Walk in available


  • Virus Removal

    Lifeline Repairs Chicago Services & Pricing

    Basic Call For Price

    • full pc analysis
    • full pc tune-up
    • password reset
    • virus/malware/spyware removed
    • anti-virus software installation
    • 1-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Express Call For Price

    • basic plus
    • 2-year lifeline warranty *
    • 2-year virus protection

    Premier Call For Price

    • express plus
    • 3-year lifeline warranty*
    • 3-year virus protection
  • Data Recovery

    Lifeline Repairs Birmingham Services & Pricing

    Data Retrieval Call For Price

    • removal and transfer of user data to another hard drive or to an external
    • virus/spyware scan and removal from data

    Level 1 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • data retrieval plus
    • operating system reinstallation

    Level 2 Data Recovery Call For Price

    • level 1 data recovery plus
    • device needs further computer analysis such as rebuilds, reconditioning, and/or repairing of the drive’s file systems
  • Upgrades – Installations

    Birmingham PC Repair Services & Pricing



    Operating System

  • Additional Services (Add- Ons)

    PC Repair, Computer Repair Services & Pricing

    Rush My Repair

    Password Reset

    Data Backup

    • creating of the data image then transfer and storage to a secondary device
    • call for price

When your smart phone breaks, or you can’t get online with your computer, we understand what an emergency this can be. From changing out the power port on your computer to fixing a broken iPad screen, we can help. Our experts are trained in PC repair in Houston, and we fix most types of electronic equipment in the Houston area. When you have a technology hardware breakdown, we are only a call away.

Having Computer Problems in Houston?

If you’re having problems with your computer or laptop, don’t fret! Laptops can break in a number of ways, but luckily our skilled PC repair technicians in Houston can get your technology back in working order, and quickly too!

There are many common problems that people with PCs encounter, and LifeLine in Houston can help. We offer free diagnostic services to help determine the exact problem with your device, and then we can expertly repair your computer to get you back on your feet in no time.

Common Computer Problems

Running slowly

Virus or Malware

Battery life

Broken LCD Screen

Inability to access data

No matter your issue, our LifeLine team in Houston can diagnose the problem and fix it in a timely manner. At LifeLine we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing fast, high-quality service to customers. We will fix your electronic gear without comprising the integrity of the device. We make sure that all repairs are done to last, and if the product can be saved, we are the right people to call.

We understand the panic you feel when your computer screen goes blank. We know how connected you are with your friends and family on the internet and we get it that your electronics are important. We will work hard to get your devices up and running again so you can relax with your devices back in your hand.

If your PC has a new virus, doesn’t turn on, or has crashed with no explanation. Don’t worry. We’re here to fix your problems at an affordable price and as quickly as possible.